Casual Garden Salad$30
A medley of crisp greens, lightly tossed with seasonal vegetables
Meat Platter$50
An assortment of sliced deli meats and cheeses with bakery-fresh bread
Cheese, crackers and dip$35.00
Assortment of imported and domestic cheeses with   variety of gourmet crackers
Stuffed Mushrooms$30.00
mushroom caps with vegetarian homemade stuffing topped with a light garlic butter sauce
Over Stuffed Finger Rolls$40
Stuffed with choice of homemade chicken, tuna, turkey, or egg salad
Veggie Oasis$45
A colorful display of fresh vegetables and a variety of delectable dips
Fruit Bowl$70
Carved watermelon cover stuffed with a variety of seasonal fruits

Charbroiled Steak Tips$120
Succulent diced steak tips topped with demiglaze and mushrooms
Homemade Meatballs$50.00
Simmered in homemade marinara sauce.

Chicken Cordon Bleu$70
Breaded chicken with sliced Virginia baked ham, Swiss cheese, and a light cream sauce
Chicken & Broccoli$70
Sauteed chicken strips with fresh broccoli served over ziti. Choice of Alfredo or light white wine sauce
Chicken Cacciatore$75
Chicken sauteed with a splash of wine, simmered in marinara sauce with fresh red and green peppers, mushrooms, and onions
Broccoli Stuffed Chicken$70
Boneless chicken stuffed with broccoli and a mixture of cheeses smothered in a white sauce
Chicken Parmesan$70
Breaded chicken smothered in marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese

A creamy spongecake infused with Tia Maria and Espresso Coffee
Variety of pre-sliced gourmet cakes

Macaroni and Cheese$50

~ ~ ~